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Dividend Report 

The  Dividend Report  shows stocks that pay dividends and have high volatility. 

Stocks can be sorted by upcoming ex-dividend date, annual dividend yield, or implied volatility, and can be filtered by one or more of the following selection criteria: 

  • Minimum Price - stocks must trade at or above the minimum price
  • Minimum Option Volume - the total aggregate volume for all contracts must exceed the minimum option volume
  • Minimum Yield - the annual dividend yield must exceed the minimum yield. The minimum yield is estimated and may include special dividends, and therefore may not be indicative of future dividend payments.
  • Minimum Implied Volatility
  • Maximum Number of Months - stocks must go ex-dividend within the specified number of months

Dividend dates and yields are estimated from prior dividend activity. Reported dividends may not have been declared by the underlying company, there is no guarantee that the reported dividend will actually be paid on any date, in any amount, or at all. This report is for informational purposes only and should not be used as the basis for any investment decision.

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