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Strike Pegger Help

  • Charting Historical Pegs
    To see the history of pegs for a security type the symbol in the Symbol text box or click on the underlined stock symbol in the list. The history of pegs will be shown in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent closing price. The date of the most recent closing price is displayed in the upper left corner above the symbol list.

  • Changing the Expiration Date
    Historical Stock Pegs and stock prices can be viewed for different expirations by select an alternate expiration date from Expiration Date menu. All expiration dates are included for the next year and next two leaps. Stocks do not have options expiring every month. When a new expiration date is selected, stocks that do not have options expiring on that date will be removed from the symbol list.

  • Show Previous Day Change
    Clicking Show Previous Day Change will refresh the symbol list. The rightmost column in the symbol list will display the change in the peg from the previous day. This is useful for identifying a possible change in bias towards the underlying stock. The list will automatically be sorted to show the stocks with the greatest percentage change at the top of the list.
  • Sorting
    Items in the symbol list can be sorted alphabetically by symbol or by the difference between the price and the peg by clicking on the corresponding header. Clicking on the header of sorted column will reverse the sort order.

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