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Historical Stock Quotes with Indexed Implied Volatility, Option Quotes with Greeks, and Strike Pegs are available as an optional subscription feature.

Optionistics subscribers who purchased historical data points can download historical data. The optional data feature entitles subscribers to 1,000,000 points each month. The point balance is replenished each month as long as the subscription is current. Data points cannot be purchased without a subscription.

To download data, enter the symbol, type of data, and a date range on the download page and click Go. The remaining point balance will be displayed, as well as the date when additional points will be added. The cost of the download will be also be displayed. The point balance will be reduced when the Download button is clicked. Click the download button to download data.

Automated downloading of data is not supported. Attempts to download large amounts of data using an automated process may result in your account being suspended without a refund.

Available data fields:

Stock Quotes (5 points) Option Quotes (1 point) Strike Pegs (10 points)
Data Starts January 1, 2008 Data Starts January 1, 2008 Data Starts January 1, 2006
Sample Data Files
SPY 1/5-1/9/2015 SPY 1/5/2015 SPY 1/5-1/9/2015
Stock Quotes Option Quotes Strike Peg Quotes

Data may also be downloaded from the Option Chain feature. Clicking the Download button on the Option Chain screen will preload the date and symbol on the download page.

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